HEART-PPP is a company that specialises in providing successful PPP projects of any size. HEART-PPP acts as a neutral partner and catalyst to create a synergy of collaboration. We provide the necessary expertise to ensure commercial success of the project; our experts will provide the legal, economic, financial and regulatory analysis necessary to go from conception to realisation.

HEART-PPP will also ensure the society; people and other local government stakeholders are managed and there are no hurdles for implementation.

  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Across all infrastructure sectors, water, energy, transport and social services governments face and ever growing dilemma. Traditional public procurement falls short of bridging the gap between available public finances and infrastructure development needs both in advanced and developing countries. Public-private partnership (PPP) is the answer. PPP is a government service or private business venture that is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies. To learn, or refresh your memory, about PPP please watch the video below.

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  • Providing a Successful
    Pathway for PPP

    There have been many seminars and crash courses about Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) coupled with the creation of PPP Units. However, PPP Research suggests that there are more failures than success stories. Failures result from a lack of awareness of ground realities - support from local governments co-ordination with financial insitutions, mobilisation of appropriate resources, and stakeholder management, etc.

    HEART-PPP, a consortium of experts, proposes a creative approach that ensures a successful pathway to benefit from PPP offerings.

  • HEART-PPP Bridging
    the Gap

    Heart-PPP provides a single integrator, to harmonise all stakeholders. We create an enabling environment illicitting information from the necessary parties to create clarity around the project, whicn enables the foundation and setup of the project to be solid. We will create capacity building and ensure the necessary expertise and knowledge is avaliable throughout the life-cycle of the PPP. Our experts can provide the necessary legal and regulatory consultancy from a whole life-cycle perspective. HEART-PPP has teh capability to identify and establish the delivery framework of projects of any size. We will play the role of quality assurance to ensure the success of the PPP. We will undertake the necessary assessments to ensure planning is completed effectively. We will also ensure that the final beneficiaries of the programme, the society and other intermediary beneficiaries, are managed

  • Critical Success Factors

    Critical Success Factors

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